Desperately Craving: Italian Subs

Serious Eats has a roundup today of sandwiches served on long bread: subs, hoagies, grinders, Italians, banh mi, po’ boys, cheesesteaks … oh my. Reading this article we would like to posit that truly, there is no job more psychologically and emotionally taxing than that of a food blogger working before lunchtime.

The roundup takes us through style, region, and topping, and needless to say is making us absolutely die. We try, sort of half-heartedly, to watch our waistline, and to that end deprive ourself fairly consistently of perhaps our favorite sandwich of all time, the drippy, vinegary, meaty, provolone-y brilliance that is the Italian sub. And a few days ago, feeling cavalier and very hungry, we gave in and ordered one from a nearby Italian deli. And it was awful. We were so sad that we had wasted this deviation-from-diet opportunity on a pile of cruddy meat on bread. Of course we ate it anyway, but we could have done so much better.

Like, for example, the Italian sub at Conte di Savoia, whose triumverate ham/capp/salami melds seamlessly with a layer of provolone, shredded iceberg lettuce, and slices of tomato thin enough that the juices merge with the v&o; dressing and soak the bread just enough that it doesn’t quite make it to the crust.

Or (just kill us now) the Italian offered by Vinnies Sub Shop, where we like to (sacriligiously, we know) ask for roasted red peppers and mayo in addition to the vinegar, which adds a WASPy creaminess that we find soothing and delicious. Trust us on this one.

Those two are best-case scenarios, to be sure. And we are punching ourself for blowing this year’s allotted Italian on that crud-on-a-loaf we inhaled last week. But you — you still have the chance for happiness! Go eat! Go forth and eat, and be happy, and prosper!

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[Photo: Conte di Savoia’s Italian, via the brilliant and indispensable GreaseFreak]


Desperately Craving: Italian Subs