Denise O’Neal: Why Do You Exist?

We have a question for the Sun-Times. It is this: WTF?!

We realize that on the day Pat Bruno reviewed Hub 51, we were home sick and thus could not physically bring ourselves to write up a summary of his review. So is that the reason why in today’s Food section, the Sun-Times saw fit to run another review of the restaurant, by Denise O’Neal instead of Bruno, except this piece of cutting-edge journalism doesn’t actually engage in any sort of traditional “review” behavior, but rather reads like a shill directly from the email outbox of the LEYE PR team?

Because for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, we cannot understand why the Sun-Times has budgeted space for this collection of words and punctuation. Except that the ol’ S-T has done this before, with another Denise O’Neal non-review of a previously reviewed restaurant.

So our theory is revised: Either (1) the Sun-Times is attempting to court that elusive “reads the Wednesday paper but not the Friday paper but really wants their restaurant information” demographic, or (2) Denise O’Neal is sleeping with someone at the Sun-Times. We are not the first people to find her journalistic existence completely befuddling.

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Denise O’Neal: Why Do You Exist?