Counter Countdown

Oh boy! Today’s UrbanDaddy reports on the coming-up-fast opening of The Counter, that build-your-own burger joint that we might have gone a little ballistic over.

UD’s got the line on a soft opening Friday night, and the friendly Counter employee we just spoke to on the phone confirmed an anticipated official opening for Monday. We’ve got to admit, we’re sort of itching to try the place out ourselves, and see if our rageful rant was in any way warranted.

It’s worth noting, by the by, that UD is still pushing Counter’s claim that they have “so many thousands of burger combinations (312,000, to be exact)” and this is a blatant, complete lie. If you’ll recall, we did the math on this one, and came up with a much more ambitious number of potential combinations: 8,247,808,800. And that’s without paying for extra toppings.

We will, for the record, refrain from commenting on the fact that Counter’s address in Chicago is 666 Diversey. That would be crass and, quite frankly, entirely beneath us.

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[Photo: a half-eaten burger at the Santa Monica location of Counter, which, okay, we’ll be honest, looks mouthwatering, via marshall astor - food pornographer’s Flickr]


Counter Countdown