Coming Soon: Pizza Fusion Is Greener Than Thou

Slated to open in Naperville this year during “fourth quarter” (that’s sometime between October 1 and December 31, for those of us who don’t think in financials) is Pizza Fusion, a franchised fast-service pizza joint that bills itself as “the most environmentally friendly restaurant in America.” Tall claims! How do they back this up?

For starters, the construction is all LEED-certified. They also do all their delivery in hybrid vehicles, buy carbon credits to offset all their power consumption, using 100% post-consumer toilet paper in their bathrooms, setting up a greywater system that recycles from sink to toilet, and — oh, just read the rest yourself. It’s quite an impressive collection of claims (though we see nothing on their site about any of their produce or ingredients being locally or sustainably grown).

The menu doesn’t look too out-of-the-ordinary, what with its standard caprese salads and build-your-own pizza selections, and — as long as we’re being honest — we’ve certainly seen better in-house food photography, which makes us wonder how this stuff is going to look when it hasn’t been prepped by a highly-paid food stylist. But still, they highlight their gluten-free pizzas, their vegan options, and their lactose-free cheeses, and we know plenty of folks who will rejoice at all that.

America’s most environmentally-friendly restaurant bringing organic pizza to Naperville [Press Release/]
Pizza Fusion [Official Site]

[Photo via pizzafusion’s very own Flickr account (gotta love those tech-savvy restaurant chains!)]

Coming Soon: Pizza Fusion Is Greener Than Thou