City Paper, Digested

Small Bites gives us snapshots of secret dining clubs, a handy cooking website, a cookbook that celebrates cooking with fat, and the pumpkin cheese pie at Beiler’s Bakery. A lot to digest!

• The City Paper review of Parc is in, and Trey Popp finds a fair amount to like, gimmickry or no gimmickry.

Feeding Frenzy dishes on the openings: Pub & Kitchen; Home Slice; and Cream and Sugar, which has actually been open for the past month and has tantalizing-sounds “fresh-made bagel schmears, which include strawberry and honey walnut cream cheeses and “banana split” butter, with bananas and maraschino cherries.”

• Meanwhile, while Da Vinci Ristorante is found to be long on charm but short on deliciousness. The reviewer goes so far as to proclaim that “unless the kitchen applies better strokes to its culinary canvas, I’ve already eaten my Last Supper here.” Damning!

• Positively brimming with food news items this week, a reader writes in asking about inexpensive tasting menus, and gets a very thorough answer. (Suggestions include Little Fish and Fork.)

• And finally, a round-up of several upcoming events. The Sly Fox Beer Dinner at Le Virtù! The Second Annual Beer Olympics! There is more, but we won’t spoil it for you.


City Paper, Digested