City Paper, Digested

• We are shocked — just SHOCKED — to hear that being a baker is a better recipe for happiness than lawyering. All flippancy aside, Drew Lazor has a great profile up this week about Four Worlds Bakery owner, Michael Dollich.

• Feeling bad about your cooking/tequila/tea ceremony knowledge?This Week In Eats has you covered with info about classes, plus some neat upcoming events thrown in for good measure!

≺ Ever wonder what exactly the people you see out and about during the day, while you are sneaking in a quick break, do for a living? This week’s Top 5 gives us the answer: creative types. New question: how are there so many of you?

City Paper reviews Cantina Dos Segundos. Verdict? It’s not Los Cabillatos, but that’s okay. The menu is “thoughtful” and a lot of the food is a hit.

≺ On the news front, Feeding Frenzy kindly informs us that a) Bistrot La Minette is open, b) Hinge Cafe will be opening, and c) Josh McCullough is the new head chef at Time.


City Paper, Digested