Chicagoist’s Last Meals

The noted gastrophiles at Chicagoist have rounded up their picks for their respective last suppers, with the stipulation that they’ve got to eat in Chicago. We love stuff like this — we love playing armchair analyst based on these minute glimpses into the minds of others — and are pleased to see closing meals that run the gamut from Popeye’s (yum!) to “I would go to Schwa and I would eat their quail egg ravioli for nine hours straight.” (double yum!)

Our one gripe: Chuck Sudo starts his meal off with an amuse of fugu, the infamous Japanese pufferfish which kills you hard ‘n dead if its poisonous internal organs and skin aren’t properly removed, on the logic that he’s a dead man anyway.

We’re on board with everything but the menu positioning: fugu poison kills by paralyzing your muscles, so you eventually die from asphyxiation yet remain conscious the whole time. On the offchance that the fugu is, in fact, improperly prepared, we’d imagine Sudo would rather have it come at the end of the meal — rather than have it show up at the beginning, work its paralytic black magic, and cruelly tease him with the subsequent plating of his followup courses of pear and goat cheese tart flambees, chilaquiles al guajilo, fusili arrabiata, bread pudding and strawberry compote, white chocolate lemon ganaches… all without being able to move so much as a tasting pinky. Torturous!

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[Photo: the quail-egg ravioli at Schwa, via mere.mortal’s Flickr]


Chicagoist’s Last Meals