ChefBlog Alert! Philip Foss Of Lockwood

A new one for the RSS Feed: Chef Philip Foss of Lockwood (in the Palmer House Hilton) has an up-and-running blog that seems to take its cue from L2O’s wildly succesful blog: lots of plating photos and kitchen shots, accompanied by a glimpse at the chef’s thought process. Also a photo of Foss’s daughter that made us get all melty.

The blog is a nice read, for sure, with plenty of shoutouts to the chef’s inspirations ranging from Thomas Keller to Grant Achatz (those two guys are getting a heck of a MenuPages workout today). And Foss definitely has a sense of humor: explaining a dessert of banana, bacon, and beer (omg yes), he says ‘This presentation took time to develop… and not during an all night pot smoking session.” (also omg yes.)

We’re a little intrigued by the frequency and quantity of posting: the blog’s only been up and running since September 2, but already has more than 30 posts — a whopping twenty of which went up between 5:50 and 9:48 PM on the 10th. That’s prime dinner time on a Wednesday night, so either Chef Foss had his night off and spent it on Blogger, or some poor assistant’s job description now includes hitting “post” on all those blogger entries.

FossBlog [Official Site]
Lockwood [MenuPages]
Lockwood [Official Site]

[Photo: Lockwood’s tuna nicoise amuse, via FossBlog]


ChefBlog Alert! Philip Foss Of Lockwood