Chaos Theory Goes To A Wedding

If we are in need of some reliable workplace giggle-inducers, we point our browser to CakeWrecks, which chronicles the hilarious, the misguided, and the hilariously misguided decorated cakes that exist in this world. We chortle like a maniac every time we visit the site, and we visit it nearly every day.

So we literally gasped — really, an actual gasp — when in our inbox just a few minutes ago landed an announcement from Chaos Theory Cakes, announcing their wedding cakes. These cakes? Are no freaking wrecks. Oh holy goodness gracious:

It’s kind of a sweet deal — an $800 cake that feeds a hundred partygoers clocks in at a measly eight bucks a slice. And that one on the far right is almost enough to get us to pop the Q to Our Boyfriend, for cake purposes only. Heck, we’d pop the Q to anyone for a guarantee that this would be our rewarded dessert. Any takers? Anyone?

[All photos via the official Bleeding Heart/Chaos Theory Flickr]


Chaos Theory Goes To A Wedding