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Celebrity Stylist David Evangelista Chews His Way Through Fashion Week and the U.S. Open

15 East:
15 East: “The best Japanese food I’ve ever eaten.” Photo: Melissa Hom

David Evangelista has been doing triple duty this Fashion Week, covering the shows for the CBS Early Show (he’s the beauty correspondent there) and doing hair for designers like Malan Breton as well as at his own David Evangelista Salon at Cornelia Day Resort. When he isn’t hovering over the heads of celebs like Eva Longoria and Julia Stiles (he styled Rosie O’Donnell for television for six years), he’s sitting next to them at local restaurants. His motto is “everything in moderation,” but he does like his food, hence the time he was a judge on Iron Chef (he didn’t know the secret ingredient till right before the show, he says). Normally you might find him unwinding over Masato Shimizu’s omakase menu at 15 East (“the best Japanese food I’ve ever eaten”), but Fashion Week is a little different.

Saturday, September 6

My life is a lot of running around. This Fashion Week I was everywhere. I had breakfast at ’wichcraft. They have a snack bar set up inside the tent (there aren’t really a lot of other food options), and I’ll just grab something between shows. I had a croissant and coffee. Then for lunch, an apple and water.

Dinner was at BLT Prime. I love it there, everything is spot-on delicious and great. I had a Caesar salad with light dressing, then the Dover sole, and the peanut-butter-banana dessert. I split it among five people. You have to nibble. You don’t see people eating Subway sandwiches during Fashion Week! It’s about small portions. Then again, I try not to deprive myself. I used to be really, really strict, and work out so much, but being in New York, whenever you go out to a restaurant, you have to eat. But when I eat it’s good food, it’s not crappy food. I don’t eat heavy foods that weigh me down.

Sunday, September 7

Breakfast was a triple soy tall latte. I’ll usually make that at my own apartment. I get my beans from this great place, the Blue Bottle Coffee Company in San Francisco. But when I’m on the go, I’ll go to Starbucks.

Lunch was at the tents — ‘wichcraft again. I had an eggplant and hummus sandwich on seven-grain bread. I ate half because it was big — half was perfect.

Dinner was at the U.S. Open finals, in the Heineken suite. Of course you’re not going to get fresh, fresh food there (they have pastas in silver trays, over heat), but it was good. I had a simple chicken wrap and cheese and crackers.

Monday, September 8

For breakfast, a soy latte. I went and aired my piece live, and I ate two hard-boiled eggs out of the CBS green room.

Lunch was at Mangia — grilled chicken and vegetables.

And for dinner, my own Romaine cucumber salad with lemon dressing.

Tuesday, September 9

For breakfast I had a protein shake. I make my own with two scoops of whey protein (about 40 grams of protein), one ounce soy, one ounce water, ice cubes, and a tablespoon and a half of French cocoa. Some days I’ll get half a banana just to get more caffeine. It’s 250 calories and 40 grams of protein. It tastes good, and you get all the nutrients and proteins you need. I got the recipe from a gym called Clay — they had the best snack bar of any gym I’ve been to.

Lunch was at Fig & Olive, right across the street from my salon. I had the Fig & Olive salad.

For dinner I went to one of my favorite restaurants, the little owl, and had the duck-breast salad and the halibut entrée and beignets for dessert. I eat there a lot — the food is out of this world. And Joey Campanero is one of my friends — we’re both Philly boys. You see a lot of low-key celebrities there — I think last time Natalie Portman sat next to me. It’s a little space, so it’s funny.

Wednesday, September 10

I had two hard-boiled eggs and coffee at my apartment.

For lunch, nada. I had no time. It was my second day in the salon and I was completely booked. I get a little moody when I don’t eat but sometimes when you’re so busy you don’t have time to think about it.

It was my friend’s birthday party so we celebrated at La Goulue. I got the tuna tartare appetizer and the grilled dorado. And profiteroles for dessert.

Thursday, September 11

Breakfast: Protein shake and a cup of coffee.

Lunch: Fresco on the Go. A salad with chicken and walnuts, and lemon-oil dressing.

For dinner I made a steak salad with ingredients I bought from Whole Foods. I’m a good cook. Usually when I do cook for myself I go out the same day and buy the ingredients. I’m a good baker, too — I love to bake cookies, usually on Sundays.

And for dessert, some Jacques Torres dark chocolate. I love cheap chocolate, too. In a perfect world I’d eat Reese’s every day.

Celebrity Stylist David Evangelista Chews His Way Through Fashion Week and the