The Other Critics

Bruni Amused by Elizabeth; Convivio Continues to Impress

Frank Bruni compares Elizabeth to its desserts in his one-star review: “they’re undeniably amusing, and they go down pretty easy in the end.” [NYT]

Another paean for Convivio, today from Steve Cuozzo: “This is a restaurant that makes you glad to live in New York.” [NYP]

Paul Adams likes Convivio too, but with more restraint. He’s iffy on the seafood dishes, but praises the $59 prix fixe as a good deal. [NYS]
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Delicatessen is too much scene and too little substance for Danyelle Freeman, who seeks solace in its burger but finds it only “serviceable at best.” One star. [NYDN]

In the West Village, Mike Peed enjoys the New French’s “pleasingly straightforward menu,” and says the restaurant “just wants to be your friend.” [NYer]

The self-serve wine option at Clo tickles Ryan Sutton’s inner geek. He prefers the machines to the sommeliers. [Bloomberg]

Robert Sietsema must have visited the tiny Am-Thai Chili Basil Kitchen in Kensington several times to get through so many of its 130 dishes. Given his enthusiasm for this bit of Bangkok in Brooklyn, he’ll be back. [VV]

Bruni Amused by Elizabeth; Convivio Continues to Impress