Brown Betty Cupcakes Now Available In Rittenhouse Environs

Oh yes, cupcake lovers! The headline is not a trick of the eyes. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique, the Northern Liberties purveyor of a whole host of sugary confections, has opened up a cupcake annex of sorts at 269 South 20th Street. Brown Betty Petite, as the outpost is called, will serve nothing but cupcakes in a rotation of flavors.

On the one hand, this is welcome news. Who doesn’t love a mid-afternoon sugar fix? What sort of hardhearted creature can help themselves from reverting back to feeling like a 5-year old at a birthday party (complete with pinatas and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey) at the sight of a cupcake topped with exuberant swirls of frosting?

On the other, New York is a city overrun with cupcakes, and just a few short weeks ago, the New York Times began hedging bets on a cupcake backlash. How about skipping the step of the cupcake craze, since we have the chance to look at our cupcake-loathing future? Also — just to throw it out there as a thought — it’s quite possible that cupcakes are not actually as awesome as the hype makes them out to be. Grow up! Eat real cake! Be glad your parties now come with cocktails! Etcetera.

Well, what ever your feelings on the matter, Brown Betty Petite has opened, and we’re sure that the baked goods there will be just as good as the ones at Big Brown Betty. So… go and get one, before you get tired of them.

[Photo: Cupcakes on sticks! via Bakerella/Flickr]

Brown Betty Cupcakes Now Available In Rittenhouse Environs