Breaking: Eater Chicago Editor Named, Tamarkin Hearts Him

The TOC Blog breaks the news of who’ll be helming the forthcoming no-doubt-going-to-be-awesome Eater Chicago site: Ari Bendersky (left), whose email link Tamarkin has set to give the auto-subject line “Hey sexy!”

Ahem. Get an internet-room, you two.

Meanwhile, we learn this about Bendersky from some quick-and-dirty googlestalking:

He loves his dog, Emma, and his partner, Drew, spicy shrimp tempura rolls, skim vanilla lattes, a respectable Turkey Club, biking, San Francisco (his former home) and a great bottle of red wine, preferably a spicy Zin or jammy Pinot. Oh yeah, and he thinks Scrabble rocks– even though Drew will never play with him. Some day he’ll get off his ass and write a book or two.

Does a food blog count as a book? Also, Mister Bendersky, consider yourself officially challenged to a game of internet-scrabble. We are hella good.

Eater and Curbed to launch October 15th [TOC Blog]
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Breaking: Eater Chicago Editor Named, Tamarkin Hearts Him