Breaking: Appeals Court Upholds SF Healthcare Mandate

Boy howdy, the Golden Gate Restaurant Association is going to be pissed . News just broke that California’s 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals upheld the San Francisco law requiring businesses with more than 20 employees to provide health coverage for their workers.

The GGRA, you remember, sued the city to prevent the law, known as Healthy San Francisco, from going into effect, and the case got all the way up to the federal court of appeals for the region, but circuit judges Alfred T. Goodwin, Stephen Reinhardt, and William A. Fletcher thought different.

No word yet on whether the GGRA will try to take the case any further. We left Kevin Westlye a message, so we’ll let you know what he says.

Court upholds legality of SF health care plan [SF Gate]
9th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion (pdf) [Official Site]


Breaking: Appeals Court Upholds SF Healthcare Mandate