Blog Reviews: Week Of This Is Not Exactly Health Food

• We are pausing our so-over-bacon ennui to rejoice: Bleeding Heart Bakery has given the world a bacon cupcake. [Chicagoist]

• Gale Gand’s first CHuffPo post is up; she revisits the ancient Cindy McCain recipe-stealing scandal. We are being patient with this because we love her so much. [CHuffPo]

• One of our favorite cooking blogs of all time eats out in Chicago. On the docket: Smoque and Hot Doug’s. [The Paupered Chef]

• The third most power-dining-y power dining experience in the entire world? NoMI, apparently. [BOTBDC]

• Obama likes the turkey leg with dressing at Macarthur’s. We like the man’s taste in food. [TheVote08]

• Maki topped with grape jelly? For reals, at Ai Lounge. Overall assessment: ‘sokay. [Chicago Bites]

• Everyone’s been reviewing Tamalli lately. For extra credit, compare and contrast Brent Kado’s take with last week’s Reader review. [CenterStage Chicago]

• Good times had by all at Vong’s Thai Kitchen. [Chicagoist]

• Chicago-style pizza … healthy?! Zemans takes on Bacino’s. It’s delicious, at least. [Slice]

[Photo: A full tray at Smoque, via The Paupered Chef]


Blog Reviews: Week Of This Is Not Exactly Health Food