Blog Reviews: Week of New Things Under The Sun

We added a whole heck of a lot of Chicago food blogs to our RSS feed this week, so today’s Blog Reviews roundup is stuffed to bursting. Know of a site we should be reading? Let us know.

• The tasting menu at Terragusto gets highest praise, especially the steak: “The Rapture But With More Butter And The Slightest Hint of Nausea From Overeating.” [Chicago Gluttons]

• Gebert continues his list of 50 under-the-radar spots with Umaiya Café, which clocks in a a good neighborhood pan-Asian, perhaps not worth going out of your way for. [Sky Full of Bacon]

• Mike Sula’s veal is making faces at him at Sabatino’s. [Food Chain]

• An eyebrow-raising review of Madame Tartine, wherein the reviewer dines with her French teacher and yet homophonically misspells “chic” like the Arab nobleman. Food gets the nod of approval, though. [NBC5 Street Team]

• The first overwhelmingly positive review for C-House that we’ve come across. [NBC5 Street Team]

• Two takes on Mana Food Bar: Drive Thru likes it but thinks it’s pricey, Chicagoist pulls out all the stops and knocks it a rave: “just the kind of vegetarian restaurant Chicago needs,” and “the food rocks.” [Gapers Block, Chicagoist]

• Here’s a puzzler: Pizzeria Calzone serves pizza, but not calzones. [Sky Full of Bacon]

• Great decor and service get a little undone by subpar sushi, but on the whole Rise, er, rises to the occasion. [Chicago Foodies]

• Another take on Urban Belly: complexity, layers, deliciousness. [Chicago Foodies]

• Add this to the hangover cure file: hamburger aktagawa at
Hamburger King: chopped hamburger, eggs, green pepper, onions, bean sprouts, and our reviewer suggests adding mushrooms. We’re sold. [ChiBBQKing]

[Photo: a plate at Mana Food Bar, via Grant Kessler]


Blog Reviews: Week of New Things Under The Sun