Best Of MenuPages Reviews: How To Do Sun Wah

Sun Wah BBQ is a widely-acknowledged gem of the Chicago food scene. It makes regular appearances on best-of lists, roundups, recommendation threads, and Sky Full of Bacon. But what if you just want a simple how-to? Enter MenuPages reviewer “edgewater eater”:

No doubt that this is a very special place. Let me give you a few hints for real enjoyment:
  1. Come in a small group (about 6) so you can rate a round table with a lazy susan in the middle so you can spin to what you want.
  2. Eat family style so you can get lots of tastes.
  3. Ask if the owner Eric is there. If he is, ask him to help you order. He might have some specials you might not have thought to order.
  4. Have a Chinese beer with your meal.
  5. Order one less entree than number of people. The servings are generous. Their noodles are made on site.

    Consider yourself prepared, Chicagoland eaters.

    Sun Wah BBQ [MenuPages]

    [Photo of Sun Wah’s goods via mjkmjk’s Flickr]

    Best Of MenuPages Reviews: How To Do Sun Wah