Beacon Hill Blitzkreig

Given its name, the Beacon Hill Bistro might sound like the type of restaurant where society wives in Chanel suits and their billionaire husbands share dinner, and it’s completely true. But behind those obvious patrons sits a wonderful restaurant that doesn’t often get the recognition it deserves. Located on picturesque Charles Street, the Beacon Hill Bistro sits below a ritzy yet quaint hotel. Due to the high level of international travelers who come to see the neighborhood’s cobblestone streets and multi-million dollar brownstones, the diners at the restaurant are much more diverse than WASPy Buffy and Chip we mentioned earlier. But above all, the food is what matters, and we have never been disappointed in the many years we’ve visited the Bistro.

Sunday brunch is one of our favorite times to visit the BHB, despite our normal distaste of breakfast foods. The exquisite egg dishes are comforting yet unique, such as the scrambled eggs with creme fraiche, smoked salmon, and cheddar cheese. However we can’t pass by the vanilla pancakes topped off with caramelized bananas for sweet treat.

Come dinner time, the Beacon Hill Bistro maneuvers its menu in a more French direction. We recommend the gnocchi Parasienne as an entree, but don’t forget to peruse the dessert list. The lavender chocolate tart with roasted cocoa nibs, candied fennel, and strawberry sorbet demonstrates why the Beacon Hill Bistro has that certain je ne sais quoi.

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[Photo: Igougo]

Beacon Hill Blitzkreig