Be My HoneyCrisp Honey

We were inspired by Fruit Slinger’s deeply compelling description of the frenzy for Honey Crisp Apples:

Toward the end of the market, two women came up within seconds of each other and asked if we had HoneyCrisps.

We had already sold out.

“Oh, that’s the only reason I came to the market!” one woman said.

“Well, would you like to try a slice of something else?” I asked.

“Do you have anything that’s like a HoneyCrisp?” she asked.

There is no way I am describing any apple as being like a HoneyCrisp. Are you kidding me? I’d sooner answer the question: “So, is there anybody kind of like Jesus?”

So we ran out to the farmers market and bought a paper bag full. We shared one with Our Boyfriend, which was lovely.

Later on, feeling inquisitive, we asked him what his favorite part of the day had been.

“Those potato chip things.”

“Potato chip things?”

“The apples that had potato chips.”


“Yes. Obviously.”

The One About HoneyCrisps [Fruit Slinger]


Be My HoneyCrisp Honey