A Matter Of Balance

An AP article that ran over the weekend highlighted the growing trend of farm-to-table restaurants, especially those outlets who take it one step further and ensure that their physical structures are LEED-certified. And tucked right in there at the end was a nice little shoutout to the north side paean to all things vegan and gluten-free, The Balanced Kitchen.

Manager Joshua Alper laments that the 20-seat cafe still hasn’t broken even, but there’s always hope: “There is a certain percentage of the market who need, or want or appreciate what we are doing.”

Like, for example, us: Their raw “noodles” (really long threads of shaved coconut) with peanut sauce and their ever-changing brunch menu are almost enough to make us believers in the raw food gospel.

Farmers bet ‘green’ eatery will catch on [IHT/AP]
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[photo of a fruit quiche via The Balanced Kitchen]


A Matter Of Balance