A Little Morning A-Moose-Ment

Forgive the title, we know not what we do. But we will entertain a brief foray into politics to bring you a roundup of all the moose meat mania that has struck the mainstream media (omg, the Ms, they are manifold and magnificent!)

• Kim Severson of the New York Times offers up answers to burning reader questions such as “Is it possible to be a vegetarian in Alaska?” (A: sort of, as long as it’s not a political thing), and “Have you ever killed a moose yourself?” (A: no, but her dad has), and “Is it true that Alaskans eat this disgusting-sounding dish that the MenuPages blogger summarizing this cannot bring herself to retype?” (A: Yes!) [New York Times]

• And she answers even more! [New York Times]

• Some fun facts about moose and moosemeat: the animal is vegan, if slaughtered correctly the meat can be kosher, and a delicious-sounding moose slider is made from mooseburgers, sourdough bread, cranberry ketchup, and sauteed smoked onions. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

• Mooseghetti is basically exactly what it sounds like. Also the real way you prep moose meat is, again, kind of gross. [NPR, via Serious Eats]

• It’s illegal to buy moose in both the U.S. and Canada (the only way to get it is to kill it yourself), but one Chowhound poster suggests “tinned or bottled moose,” and we can’t tell if they’re joking. [Chowhound Ontario]

[Photo: A moose in a parking lot, via arctic_photos’ Flickr]


A Little Morning A-Moose-Ment