A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: De Santos vs. Santos’ Party House

De Santos and Santos' Party House.
De Santos and Santos’ Party House. Photo: Melissa Hom, courtesy of Santos’ Party House

When Italian restaurant De Santos opened last week in what’s said to be a former speakeasy where Diana Ross had her first gig, confusion reigned supreme. Okay, not so much, but you have to admit the name is similar to Santos’ Party House, and the similarities don’t stop there — both bi-level venues are backed by musicians, even if one of them penned the rock anthem “Party Til You Puke” and the other is known more for songs like “When the Angels Cry.” Clearly this calls for a chart!


The Names
Originally Santa’s Party House, but changed for legal reasons.
Partner Luis Miguel Amutio experienced “divine inspiration” when he saw the original Puerto Vallarta location, hence “of Saints.”

The Mottoes
“All ways fun.”
“Food and music.”

The Rockers
Owner Andrew W.K. played his first live show there Monday.
Alex Gonzalez is drummer for Mexican band Maná. They’re too big to play De Santos.

The D.J.’s
James Murphy, Ete D’Amour, and Rich Medina and Q-Tip spin weekly.
D.J.’s will spin Latin grooves, bossa nova, and world beats, with house music later in the night.

The Artists
Owner Spencer Sweeney, an artist, spent a year trying to get a liquor license.
Mexican artist Rogelio Diaz’s paintings were inspired by the owners and the “blood they sweat into this place.”

The Signage
Andrew W.K. makes signs that say “YOU LOOK AMAZING!” “IT’S SO FUN,” and “PLEASE HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT HERE!”
Back when this was Ninth Circle Bar, Edward Albee took the title Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf from an inscription that was on the men’s-room mirror.

The Quiet Spots
A “conversation pit” in the basement.
A sunken back patio.

The Menus
Andrew W.K. is at work on a drink called Santa’s Summer Milk.
Luxembourg-born Aldo Alo’s Mediterranean menu goes beyond egg nog. It can be found here.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: De Santos vs. Santos’ Party House