A Breakfast That Delivers

Grimy sub and pizza shops are a dime a dozen in Allston. Trust us, we’ve seen a few too many of them on weekend afternoons, attempting to curb our hangover appetites. A lot of these dives - because they are just that - leave us feeling uninspired and sort of gross. So why write up one more diner-esque spot full of pajama-clad undergrads?

Because the Cookin’ Cafe & Grill does a few things better than its contemporaries. For starters, they serve breakfast all day. None of this “we stop brunch at 3pm” crap, they’re still rolling out the pancakes at 5pm. So maybe nobody is still hungover at 5pm. That isn’t the point. The point is that the option exists. Cookin Cafe fills this weird little niche, and we love it.

The other thing that keeps us coming back? It’s more like they come back, over and over, with their fast breakfast delivery service. Who else brings fresh OJ and an egg sandwich to your door? And for well under $10 for a hearty breakfast? Sign us up. It’s better than a bowl of Cheerios.

Cookin’ Cafe & Grill [MenuPages]

[Photo: Kapungo/Flickr]

A Breakfast That Delivers