Zuni Responds To Dessert Debacle (We Think)

On the subject of that whole nectarine dessert that’s causing such a fuss: While we haven’t been in touch of any representatives from Zuni Cafe, personally, we just thought it would be worth pointing out a comment over on Eater SF that appears to have been left by a Zuni rep:

Yikes! If the customer who posted this photo was charged $8.00 for the nectarine it was definitely an error. We would love the customer to contact us with their receipt and we would be more than happy to refund the entire amount for the fruit. Checking our menus, the Blossom Bluff Summer Grand nectarine was on our dessert menu from July 29-31st for $4.50. The only $8.00 item on the menu was a pot de crème, listed directly above it. Our computers were programmed with those prices so we are not sure how it happened, but the customer should not have been charged $8.00.

Now, that comment was left by a guest, and the commenter never specifically identifies him or herself as a Zuni representative, so it could be a total fake, but still, there it is.

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Zuni Responds To Dessert Debacle (We Think)