Yats the Ticket

Restaurants whose names are easily conducive to punning? Beloved universally by bloggers and restaurant reviewers everywhere. So we are psyched for headline-writing reasons alone about today’s opening of the first Chicago location of Yats (955 W Randolph St, 312 829 7930). Thrillist has the dish:

The resto rotates eight to nine fresh-made daily entrees for an absurdly low $6.50 (add an extra buck for a split plate); because you’re dangerously underweight, you’ll also get a baguette hunk slathered in butter & jambalaya seasoning. Mainstays include thick gumbo (w/ crayfish, sausage, shrimp, & chicken), red beans and rice w/ andouille, and a spicy chili-cheese etouffée; nontraditionals include the sausage- and chicken-fueled Italiana in spicy tomato sauce, and the pulled pork/olives/capers/carrots Cuban-inspired dish “Ropa Vieja.”

Per our listings, this is a much-needed injection of Cajun hot sauce into the West Loop. We await your reports. Yats the way the cookie crumbles. Yats amore. Yats the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it. Yats yat.

Yaks All, Folks [Thrillist]
Yats [Official Site]

[Photo, Yats’s sign and plate, via casey_atchley’s Flickr]

Yats the Ticket