Which Restaurateur Is ‘America’s Toughest Boss’?

Another day, another food reality show. A film company is looking for “outsized characters with good restaurant experience” that are willing to work for “America’s toughest boss.” “The boss,” says a Craigslist ad, “owns a few restaurants in NYC and is looking for a new manager for one of them.” Judging by its Google profile, NFG Films doesn’t look like the sort of big-time operation that could convince Chodorow to film The Restaurant II, and we’re pretty sure David Chang wouldn’t go down this road. Read the ad and tell us who you think it could be.

We’re making a television show for a popular cable network about America’s toughest boss. This boss owns a few restaurants in NYC and is looking for a new manager for one of them. We want to film the interview process as well the first few days on the job. We’re looking for a few outsized characters with good restaurant experience and a sense of fun and adventure to be on the show. Most likely, we’ll need you just for the interview process (just one hour of your time) unless you are chosen for the manager position. Then you’ll actually have a full time job and we’d shoot the first few days of your training.

If this sounds like fun to you, please contact us with a phone number and a photograph and a brief description of why you’d be great.

If working for a restaurateur who is maniacal enough to merit his own television show does indeed sound fun to you, let us know how the tryout goes.

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Which Restaurateur Is ‘America’s Toughest Boss’?