Where Should Michael Eat?

Michael Y. Park of the Epi-Log is going to be in Chicago soon, and wants to know where to eat. So far his list is:


Wiener’s Circle

Billy Goat (unless it’s overrun with tourists)

Any Harold’s Chicken

Frontera Grill or Topolobampo

Alinea (though I don’t expect to get in)

We’re Giordano’s partisans ‘round these parts, so we’re on board there. And yes, Billy Goat does have an excellent burger. And yes yes yes, Harold’s Chicken (quarter dark, hot sauce). We’re similarly on board with the do-no-wrong Bayless and Achatz choices. But we’ve had kind of a feeling in the pit of our stomachs about Wiener’s Circle ever since we watched the This American Life video that highlighted the hideous behavior of many of the drunken patrons. Call us a bleeding heart liberal, but this just doesn’t sit well with us. Still, to be fair, the hot dogs are pretty freaking great.

Where else should Michael go? We’re going to put in a rec for our current obsession, Mado, and if that Alinea resy isn’t forthcoming, we’d suggest the thus-far rapturously received L.2O. We’d also direct Michael’s attention to LTHForum, where he can find all the obsessive restaurant discussion his little heart desires.

Where to Eat in Chicago? [Epi-Log]

[Photo: Giordano’s deep-dish, via ninjapoodles’ Flickr]


Where Should Michael Eat?