When Activists Say ‘Please’ And ‘Thank You’

It’s nice when an organization blows off its embarrassing stereotype. You know who could use a little of that jelly? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They don’t like fur and they don’t like meat and they have this reputation for being the kind of people that will get offended by just about anything that once had a face and now does not. Who wants those people around?

But this nice little story about a recent PETA campaign against cockroach eating at Six Flags amusement parks sounds so polite and good-hearted, it definitely deserves some coverage. Granted, we got the story from the PETA website, and Six Flags wasn’t available to corroborate it this morning, but it seems reliable enough, and so polite:

After receiving a letter and several e-mails from PETA, the company has decided not to repeat last year’s live-cockroach-eating challenge as part of its Halloween “Fright Fest.” PETA explained that encouraging teens and others to cause pain and death to even the smallest life form as part of a promotion can desensitize them to suffering in general.

“We’re on to other Fright Fest events that do not include any living creatures!” wrote Six Flags Public Relations Manager Sue Carpenter…

To show its thanks, PETA has sent Carpenter a box of vegan chocolate roaches.

Isn’t that nice? Group hug, everyone! But not everybody is as cooperative as Six Flags, and you know the tough-as-nails vegans over at PETA won’t shy away from a fight. In fact, they’re probably stripping down right now to take on some other corporate behemoth with their hard-hitting nudity tactics. No chocolates for those poor saps. Only eye-candy.

Six Flags Scraps ‘Fright Fest’ Live-Cockroach-Eating Challenge After PETA Plea [PETA]

[Photo: via University of California at Davis, Department of Entomology]

When Activists Say ‘Please’ And ‘Thank You’