What Happens To Buzz?

There have been two late summer openings that seem to have stirred up quiet excitement and anticipation as their openings loomed closer. The first? Root. The other? Bistrot La Minette. Neither have been flashy, big name openings like say, Parc (to name the most obvious), although they do have beyond respectable names attached to them.

Any-old-who, we have seen them go from their nascent days of being talked about, to actually opening and seeing the menus, until most recently, when the blogger reviews have begun to trickle in.

Finding Philly went to Bistro La Minette, and reports on their “kickass experience.” They describe an attractive space, and then really get into the meat of things with descriptions of the food that make us want to drop everything right now and shove our face into plates of paté, etc.

A few days back, Living On The Vedge dished out the scoop on their meal at Root, deeming it “a BYO fresh out of Cali.” The menu is “tight,” but it’s not a flawless meal, and also not 100% imaginative. Final verdict seems to be that it has room to grow (insert all the gardening jokes your heart desires).

No matter the outcome, it’s always oddly heartwarming to hear about a restaurant when it’s nothing but an idea, see the pieces come together, and finally find out what the food and decor is like. Plus, it’s a never ending cycle: it won’t be long before we’re hearing all about Prive

“Bistrot La Minette” [Finding Philly]
“Veg Out: Root” [Living On The Vedge]

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What Happens To Buzz?