Welcome To Doughnut Country

With cupcakes on the way out, everybody’s looking for the next sweet thing du jour. In New York they’re crazy for waffles, but here in the great City By The Bay, we prefer a more down-to-earth pastry. It seems doughnuts are set to take over.

Dynamo Donuts is sort of the rage right now, with Missionites filing up on things like bacon-topped maple bars and other, presumably more palatable, treats. Pastry chef-cum-blogger Shuna Fish Lydon gave them a great write-up on her Eggbeater blog a couple weeks ago. Check it.

Meanwhile, just today, Philadelphia food blogger Comradechu (Food Enthusiast) who is, we think, spending the summer in San Francisco, gave us a huge hankering for these little doughy treats on Pier 39. Trish’s Mini Donuts has flown under our radar so far, but it looks great, and as we know with small things like that, it’s easy to eat a million of them, which we maybe could do this close to lunchtime.

If you insist on being all cosmopolitan about everything, you can combine the taste and cooking style of a waffle with the shape and size of a doughnut (roughly) out at Eggettes, a Hong Kong-Style waffle joint in the Sunset. We haven’t been, so can’t vouch for quality, but there’s a cool photo display over at Bunrabs. They look fun, no?

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Welcome To Doughnut Country