We Didn’t Start The Fire

Many major historic events have taken place in Boston. Paul Revere’s late-night escapade on a horse. Barrels of expensive tea sinking to the bottom of the harbor. The passing of gay marriage. But for Fenway residents and those who know a good burrito, the fire that tore down El Pelon Taqueria was not only historic, it was tragic. When we heard the news, a little bit of us died inside. Okay, that’s overly dramatic. But we shed a little tear over our memories of sitting on picnic tables enjoying a casual burrito with friends between classes. Luckily, our faith was finally restored when we heard that El Pelon had risen like Lazarus, bringing the Fenway area its’ best burrito joint once again.

While we admit Anna’s Taqueria brings us to a certain level of ecstasy, one of the best parts of El Pelon’s success is that it’s not part of a chain. There will always be a place in our hearts (and stomachs) for an El Pelon burrito. With most items under $5, their burritos are easy on the wallet and perfect for that college student who spends the majority of their cash across the street at Bradley Liquors (Not that we were ever familiar with such behavior).

So if you’re up in the Fenway to catch a baseball game, or looking for a great place to hang in between classes, stop by El Pelon and tell them how thrilled you are that they’re up and running again. Ole!

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[Photo: We Seat You]

We Didn’t Start The Fire