Wasting Away Again In … Rosemont?

Don’t ask us to explain the phenomenon of the Buffetthead (is that what they call themselves? We’re feeling far too island-mellow and blitzed on boat drinks to google the proper phrase). They are obsessed with Jimmy Buffett, who to our mind is basically this dude who basically looks like (PARROTHEAD! it just came to us) our dad. Now don’t get us wrong: We recognize, as a food writer, that Cheeseburger In Paradise is anthemic in scope and a fundamental element of the songs-about-food firmament. And we also kind of like the vibe of Pencil-Thin Mustache, if only because we have kind of been known to draw on our own mustache using eyeliner during times of great creativity and/or inebriation.

But you know, the impulse has never really struck us that along with occasionally putting his song on Summer Barbecue-themed mix CDs, we shoudl also attend his concerts, buy his kitchen appliances, read his novels, wear his shoes, and eat at his restaurants.

But apparently this impulse has struck enough people to keep that operation afloat, and apparently there are enough Parrotheads in the greater Chicago area to sustain the possible opening of a Margaritaville restaurant in Rosemont.

Is this a good thing? We asked MP:Florida editor Carolina, the only MP editor with a Margaritaville in her jurisdiction, for an official statement. She says: “Good drinks, mediocre food, fun atmosphere.”

And the western suburbs wait with bated breath…

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[Photo: Margaritaville at Universal Studios, Orlando, via JonF119’s Flickr]

Wasting Away Again In … Rosemont?