Vegans and Their Enemies Enliven ‘Times’ Blog

Veganism has a way of inspiring violent reactions in a way other lifestyle choices can only aspire to. The Times found that out the other day when its City Room blog featured Vegan Guide to New York City author Rynn Berry in one of those “Ask a Vegan” features. Naturally, the comments were far from gentle on the movement, so much so that the Times pulled a number of them. Serious Eats did us a service by capturing them before they came down and publishing them late yesterday afternoon.

• “Can you explain why ‘ethical’; vegans trumpet their ‘cruelty-free’ diets, when the fact is that growing, storing, and transporting their food causes immense pain and suffering to many HUMANS!” —John

• “Putting a child on veganism borders on child abuse.” —[REDACTED]

• “Please explain to me how eating a ‘vegan lifestyle’ is not elitist. It is very expensive to eat an exclusive vegan diet and even the term ‘lifestyle’ denotes peoples being apart from… with the exception of Non-American born Buddhists, most vegans I have met are very arrogant regarding their food choices.” —ny2ca2de

• “Veganism is just another eating disorder — just another way for a mentally ill person to have absolute control over everything they eat.” —[REDACTED]

We, of course, take no stand on veganism or its enemies, but we still find it hard to believe that these are the strongest opinions New Yorkers could come up with about the movement. Come on, Grub Street readers! Tell us what you think of veganism.

Virulent Anti-Vegans Troll ‘New York Times’ City Blog Post [Serious Eats]

Vegans and Their Enemies Enliven ‘Times’ Blog