Vegan Crossroads

At MenuPages, we often blog about meat. Bacon delights, meat on a stick - you name it, we’ve tried it. Yet a widespread love for meat products among us don’t lead us to hate on the opposite end of the spectrum. We feel lucky to live in a city with such stellar vegan options (yes, we know there could always be more), and we particularly love the intersection of Allston and Brookline where we can find multiple animal-free eating options within a few blocks.

Probably known best for their bubble teas, My Thai serves some of the best fake meaty goods in town. Their sweet & sour dishes far surpass traditional Asian restaurant fare, and save room for dessert. All of the cakes in the case out front, from lemon poppyseed to double chocolate, are vegan as well.

T. J. Scallywaggle’s may have a silly name, but they’re serious about delicious soy cheese pies with fresh veggies and crispy fake chicken. Delivery can be spotty, but grab a pre-ordered dinner on your way home and pick from their other menu items like subs and faux chicken nuggets. The restaurant opens at 3pm on Tuesdays, otherwise everyday at noon.

And when speaking of vegan cuisine in greater Boston, we’d be remiss to neglect mentioning Grasshopper. Sunday buffets are legendary, and even the most carnivorous among us crave the “chicken” fingers and the No Name. On a hungover weekend morning, it sure beats warmed over Tofurkey.

My Thai Cafe [Official Site]
TJ Scallywaggle’s [Official Site]
Grasshopper [Official Site]

[Photo: totalAldo/Flickr]

Vegan Crossroads