Turmoil at Pink Elephant, Mansion, 1Oak, and Madison

Scott Sartiano is having a bad day.
Scott Sartiano is having a bad day. Photo: Getty Images

It’s an unhappy day in clubland. “Page Six” reports that 1Oak owner Scott Sartiano, who was previously sued by a partner in Butter and a rival operator, has now been served papers by two waitresses who claim that manager Frank McHugh fired all of the black and Asian staff after Sartiano told him, “What’s the point of having girls if we can’t [bleep] them?” The club’s lawyer says that the waitresses were fired, along with four white servers that week, for incompetence.

Meanwhile, Down by the Hipster gets his hands on documents that show Pink Elephant and Mansion filing for bankruptcy due to disputes over rent and property taxes. The report shows that publicist Kelly Coutrone is owed $20,000, while Crobar honcho Kenneth Barlich and nightclub designer Callin Fortis are owed $400,000 each. The club is declaring $1 to $10 million in both assets and liabilities.

Steve Lewis, a notorious booster of his friends at Mansion, has yet to weigh in on this, but he is glad — really glad — that James Demasi is no longer involved with Madison. Lewis, who has been fairly reserved since calling out Todd English, calls Demasi “a liar, a loser, and an ass,” and accuses him of intentionally bouncing checks. Says Lewis, “He is without honor, he looks like Eddie Munster, and I won’t work for such a creep.” The new operators, Neal Erman and an unnamed partner, will “go for the jap crowd.” Wow, does this beat a press release!

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Turmoil at Pink Elephant, Mansion, 1Oak, and Madison