Trotting to Craigie Street

Craigie Street Bistrot might seem like any other of the higher priced French-themed gems of our fare city. Wine pairings are standard, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the chef makes a friendly effort for any veg heads that walk through the door (despite his love of all things pig related). But Wednesdays and Sundays feature a Chef’s Whim prix fixe menu, which we find is the best deal of the week at CSB. For $61 (vegetarian) or $75, you get a four course adventure in French-fusion excellence. All desserts are prepared in house. And yes, most (all?) of the wine is from France. It’s fusion, but it’s still French.

They also have a super hip side blog full of food news and views, as well as a recipe archive on their website. What’s not to love about prolific chefs?

Craigie Street Bistrot [MenuPages]
Craigie Street Bistrot [Official Site]

[Photo: adactio/Flickr]


Trotting to Craigie Street