Tribune Gets Wind Of TableXChange (Finally!)

Oh, print media. You’re so old and slow-moving and adorable. You have things like editors and style guides and you do things like interview relevant parties and don’t just post random stuff online whenever you feel like it. It is JUST SO CUTE.

No really. At the risk of getting all Heather vs. Audarshia, we would like to smugly point out that we scooped the Tribune with our coverage of TableXchange.

Of course, we wholesale janked it from UrbanDaddy (with, you know, a credit at the end of the post). So props due to them, really. But confidential to Monica Eng and Chris Borelli: Where were you on Monday when this was breaking?

Update: We have actually, you know, read the article now. And it closes on this terrific quote from noted anti-capitalist and pro-authentic-restaurant-experience-ist Rich Melman:

Chicago restaurant king Rich Melman initially thought, “I’d rather they go directly to us than get their reservations through scalpers.” But when he considered the site from a consumer’s point of view he revised. “Let’s say I go to New York and forgot to book a reservation at Jean Georges in advance,” Melman said. “I wouldn’t mind paying $25 to get in. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this one.”

So it’s all good, then!

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Tribune Gets Wind Of TableXChange (Finally!)