Tribune Food: All’s Well

Oh thank god. We clicked over to the Trib to see what was going on today in the food section, and we saw nothing. And we immediately had these horrible, clenching fears for the fate of Chris Borelli and Monica Eng and all our other friends over in Reporting Team: Awesome in re: the current horrific layoff situation at Tribune Tower.

But it turns out that our fears were unfounded, and we just don’t know how to use the internet. It’s all there. Specifically:

• Chris Borelli does a Q&A; with Jessie Oloroso, a pastry chef turned gelato-making-machine. The owner (and sole employee) of Black Dog Gelato, she whips up 60 gallons a week of the frozen stuff for restaurants like Uncommon Ground. Her current favorite flavor is sesame oil and fig with chocolate chip. Of course. [Adventures in gelato]

• Forget Slow Food — the new movement is Home Food. Based in Italy, it wants to preserve classic Italian home cooking techniques and recipes. The movement leaders are italian mothers and grandmothers, and they’ve gone high-tech: If you’re planning a trip to Italy, you can visit their website and schedule dinners in the homes of members. Sounds amazing to us. [When in Italy….here’s how to eat real Italian food]

• Battle of the cinematic wine snobs! Bill Daley reviews Merlove, a freewheeling documentary about Merlot that aims to undo the damage done by that fateful scene in Sideways. [Merlot lovers strike back in new film]

• A day in the life of Elaine and Jack Comerford, youthful entrants in the Illinois State Fair cooking competitions. Elaine’s making brownies, Jack is making “Hawaiian Spamball,” a mixture of cream cheese, Spam, pineapple, banana pepper, and nuts. He won’t eat it, ‘cause he doesn’t like cheese. Want to know what happens? Read the article. No spoilers here! [Blue ribbon dynasty]

• The cupcake wars continue! Newcomer Molly’s Cupcakes gets a glowing writeup. [New shop is a study in cupcakes]

[Photo: Molly’s red velvet cupcake (it shoudl be illegal for us to be allowed to look at this when we are in need of a snack, btw), via zesmerelda’s Flickr]


Tribune Food: All’s Well