Trial By Jury

There’s nothing like waking up on a rainy Monday morning and hauling yourself out of bed for jury duty. That’s exactly what we did on Monday, and in between being yelled at for using the wrong bathroom and sitting next to a woman who continually yelled out loud about urine, we decided we needed to treat ourselves to a delicious lunch, courtesy of Restaurant Week’s low prices.

Petit Robert Bistro, with its duel locations in Kenmore Square and in the South End, was our destination of choice, and we were lucky to have a meal so delicious that the horrors of jury duty faded into memory. As we’ve previously mentioned, goat cheese is our favorite thing since the beginning of time, so we ordered the goat cheese and leek quiche, accompanied by crispy pommes frites and a mixed green salad. The quiche was rich, yet flaky and light, the perfection combination. However our greatest surprise was the chilled cream of cauliflower soup, which we originally said we weren’t even interested in, despite its inclusion in the meal. Luckily, the well informed waiter brought it for us anyway. If there weren’t other diners in the restaurant, we would have licked the bowl clean.

While we didn’t stay within the Restaurant Week menu, we were still able to keep our tabs under $20 each, including a cocktail and coffee. So if we’re keeping in theme, we’ve reached our final verdict. Petit Robert is guilty of being both affordable and delicious.

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[Photo: Petit Robert Bistro]

Trial By Jury