‘Top Chef’ Update: Mystery Contestant, Stephanie’s Lameness, and More

Do you know this man? We know who the woman is.Photo courtesy Amuse BiatchThe actual show is months away, but already the Top Chef percolator is bubbling away with factlets and mini-features, and Grub Street is your go-to spot for aggressive aggregation! The truth is that we can’t get enough Top Chef news either, and every minute that the show isn’t on TV is a personal defeat. But, to keep ourselves going in the meantime, here’s what’s going on.

• Our old friend Amuse Biatch has a highly I.D.-able picture of one of the cheftestants, who stands aside Miss Universe just waiting to be named by some keen-eyed reader.

• Stephanie Izard has her own blog now, but it’s pretty boring. The highlight of the latest post is a Ping-Pong game with Charlie Trotter which our former Top Chef crush couldn’t bring herself to accept. And for this we pay for the Internet?

• We told you back in June about Top Chef Junior, far and away the most obnoxious concept to get come out of the Top Chef multiverse (and that’s saying something). Now there’s a casting call: “Are you between the ages of 14-18 and have mad skills in the kitchen? Can you cook up a storm when your peers are still nuking Hot Pockets in their mom’s microwave?” Will you enjoy being pummeled by bullies who were already looking for a reason to despise you? Top Chef Junior needs you today!

• Mark “I know you don’t like me, Tom” Simmons, the Afroed Kiwi cheftestant America couldn’t wait to see go home, did a recent interview in a New Zealand paper in which he claims he didn’t even know he was applying for Top Chef — he just saw people waiting in line for something and was curious: “Being weak-minded, I wasn’t too sure what was going on, so I just went and stood at the back of it.”

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‘Top Chef’ Update: Mystery Contestant, Stephanie’s Lameness,