To Market, To Market

It’s stating the dead obvious, but August is a great month for farmers’ markets in the Mid-Atlantic. Markets really hit their stride right about now, and some of the most exciting wares of the season (peaches! Tomatoes!) start coming in by the bushel.

So, with that on our mind grapes, it makes total sense for the Epicurious farmers’ market tour to make a stop here in Philly. According to the Epi-Log, they’ll be at Reading Terminal Market “beginning August 22.”

This is all good and well, and it’s always pretty thrilling when Philly gets notice on a national tour, but. But. Reading Terminal Market? Really? It is renowned (and not without good reason), but we’ve fallen in deep love with Headhouse Farmers’ Market, and it seems a shame to skip it in favor of the one at Reading Terminal. If not for the produce, then because of the tacos from Los Taquitos de Puebla.

Any other farmers’ markets that it would be egregious to miss (and that we’ve egregiously missed)?

Los Taquitos de Puebla [MenuPages]


To Market, To Market