Ti Couz

We went to Ti Couz on Sunday for crepes because that’s where you go for (real) crepes in the city. While we’ve perfected our favorite crepe combination (cheese, mushrooms, mushroom sauce and a sunny side up egg) we also make it a point to check out the daily specials.

It is our opinion that the salad of the day is always better than any of the salads on the menu and should pretty much always be ordered if it sounds even remotely appealing. The salads are large so a small salad for two is more than appropriate if each person has their own crepe. In fact, we think Ti Couz works well for shared plates in general. For two people, a small salad, a savory crepe and a sweet crepe should feel and taste just right.

Yesterday we had the special savory crepe of the day—grilled prawns, spinach and fresh mango salsa—and we split a Nutella and vanilla bean ice cream crepe with Sweetie. We also have to go on the record and say that we think Ti Couz makes one mean Bloody Mary (except for the fact they put Marcona almonds in the pits of the large green olives—consider the food allergists!) and we happily sucked our down while we waited for our order.

The nice thing about Ti Couz is it can be as affordable or as expensive as you’d like depending on your need for a cocktail or your hunger level. Go with a friend and split your order and you’ll have a nice meal for under $15. Enjoy a cocktail and your own crepes and it could set you back $30. Either way we think it’s worth it. Ti Couz is one of our favorite spots in the city.

Ti Couz Creperie [Menupages]

[Photo via biskuit/Flickr]

Ti Couz