The Place For The Harvard Penny Pincher

We often lament the lack of diners in the Boston area, and while we acknowledge there are some that satisfy our cravings at times, few are so easy on the wallet as Leo’s Place. With tons of breakfast options being served all day, this place is a necessity for starving Harvard co-eds (assuming those exist), as well as a range of folks shopping and people-watching around the square. While we know there are far more glamorous spots to dine, Leo fills our bellies with a different kind of style.

What’s so cool about this unassuming restaurant? Facing the griddle might not be the best idea at some greasy spoons, but at Leo’s, watching short order in action can be half the fun, as are the tales the owners will tell. When was the last time you had traditional french toast with home fries, let alone in under five minutes? They even play classic rock and the occasional oldies to set the mood. Go for the old school vibe - they’ve been an area mainstay since 1958 - but stay for the filling fare. High rents be damned. There’s a reason they’ve been around so long.

Leo’s Place [MenuPages]

[Photo: digiyesica/Flickr]


The Place For The Harvard Penny Pincher