The Monday Report: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

When you feel like a sticky, hot mess and consider leaping out of your cubicle to find the closest hydrant like these kiddies, just remember you’ll probably get fired and/or sent to the psych ward at MGH. So cheer up and be glad you’re not digging your car out of the snow. In the mean time, no closings this week!


Harvard Square” Shabu-Ya, a new shabu shabu and sushi bar is coming to the square. The Craigslist posting specifically says you don’t have to be Asian to work there. Really, it says that. [Craigslist]

Hyde Park: Another chicken joint is now open in Hyde Park, called New York Fried Chicken. However, it is not to be confused with the New Orleans Fried Chicken Shack located around the corner. [Boston Food and Whine]

Porter Square: A unique new pizza shop shooting to use organic and fair trade ingredients is coming to Porter. Probably don’t ask the cashier if they’re just like The Upper Crust. [Craigslist]

Roxbury: Hen House is a waffle and chicken outpost open for about a month on Mass Ave. Besides their multiple varieties of chicken, there are 12 kinda of sauces! Hear that? 12! This restaurant is basically what would happen if Waffle House had a baby with Popeye’s. [Boston Herald]

South End: Though it’s not open yet, be sure to move fast and visit the South End’s new Circle: Plates and Lounge before it’s declared tragically hip and only for wealthy surburbanites. [Chowhound]

West Roxbury: OPA! All American chain Friendly’s is getting the boot by the fall for a new Greek restaurant on Centre Street. [Parkway Blog]

[Photo: Gawker]

The Monday Report: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted