The Elephant In The Room

Sure, the elephant isn’t quite in the Enormous Room. In fact, it’s on the front door in bright red, to be exact. There’s no fluorescent sign signaling the bar’s name, just a simple stairway above Central Square’s Central Kitchen that leads to a dark yet welcoming den of drinks, dancing, and debauchery. Okay, that’s a little overdramatic. The Enormous Room is actually a very family friendly establishment. We’ve seen everything from couples with toddlers to pregnant women hanging out on the plush couches and cushions laid upon mulltiple rugs that look as if they’ve been shipped straight over from India.

But later into the night, when the DJ’s come out to spin practically every type of music you can imagine, the bodies start hopping off the couches and begin to let go of their inhibitions. While the 6 o’clock guests may resemble an after work happy hour with families welcome, when the clock strikes twelve the Enormous Room has turned into a full on dance party, featuring a crowd so diverse you wonder what keeps everyone coming back.

What makes us return night after night? Well, of course we love the music and the diverse crowds. But let’s face it, the drinks are stellar, and they’re the type of infusions you can’t find at any other bar. If you fear the burning esophageal aftermath of tequila, your worries are over. With a mix of tequila and strawberry puree, the “La Perla” is a smooth and delicious cocktail that tastes more like the alcoholic form of a fruit smoothie than a cocktail. So if you’ve never been to the Enormous Room, make sure to climb that stairway to cocktail heaven. Just look for the big red elephant.

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The Elephant In The Room