The Comcast Center, A Couple Months In

It seems that the HD wall at the Comcast Center is becoming quite the tourist attraction. People are coming in from as far as the suburbs (and other places too) to gawk at the gigantic LED screen! According to the story we read on Yahoo! News, “Liberty Property Trust is hoping will become a destination a la New York’s Rockefeller Center.”

If there are more stops to be pulled out in order to draw visitors, they’ll probably be related to the amazing video wall, but shouldn’t the food at the Center be played up as well?

We haven’t sampled anything there yet, but decided to troll the Chowhound and Yelp posts about the building, to see what sort of reception the food is garnering.

On both boards, the general sentiment seems to be that the food is good, but no huge draw. To be fair, most Comcast Center diners are motivated to eat there because of proximity to work, not touristic reasons. And also, so many of the eateries are new branches of Philly fixtures, that even if they are good, they are hardly dining destinations.

It seems that for the time being - at least as far as Chowhound/Yelp users are concerned - the wall of wonder will continue to be the main attraction.

“Philly skyscraper’s huge HD screen wowing visitors” [Yahoo]

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The Comcast Center, A Couple Months In