Tenjune Doorman Aalex Julian Issues a Sincere Apology

Sorry about all that. Drink ticket?
Sorry about all that. Drink ticket? Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s rare that a doorman admits a mistake (“Actually guys, maybe I will let you in since you spent so much time frosting those tips”), but that’s exactly what Tenjune gatekeeper Aalex Julian has done after dissing his former employers at Home, Guest House, and Pink Elephant in a BlackBook interview. Grub Street commenters, the man seems to have heard you, because he has now sent us a formal apology.

Regarding the Blackbook article, I’d like to take the time to sincerely apologize to anyone who has been hurt and/or offended by comments in the piece. This has been a valuable lesson for me and I have learned how easily comments can lose context. I have a tremendous amount of respect for these leaders in nightlife. I hope to make amends wherever and however necessary. Furthermore, these are my own words and thoughts, not those of The EMM Group or Tenjune owners, Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum, in any way, shape or form.

Folks, if you’ve ever been turned away from Tenjune and want in, you may want to head down there this weekend while the moat minder is good and humble.

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Tenjune Doorman Aalex Julian Issues a Sincere Apology