Tea: Not Just A Drink With Jam And Bread

Although Americans are much bigger coffee drinkers than tea drinkers, there are those among us who can’t pass up an English tea service, and with good reason! Secretly, there are few things more decadent or delectable than high tea, as it’s called, and that’s because it comes with divine clotted cream, jams, lemon curd, scones, various petit fours and pastries, and a plethora of tea sandwiches. Philly has its fair share of grand establishments where one can have a true tea time, some of them more posh than others.

• The ne plus ultra of tea services is probably that at the Ritz, if only because it’s at the Ritz.

• That said, afternoon tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel in the Mary Cassatt Tea Room is just as ritzy, and the room is truly magnificent.

• For those keen on going to tea, but unsure about something so extravagant, T-bar is a lower-key (and lower-cost) bet.

Coffee suddenly seems a little bit less special, no?

Mary Cassatt Tea Room [MenuPages]
Mary Cassatt Tea Room [Official Site]

[Photo: Lumpy Golightly/flickr]


Tea: Not Just A Drink With Jam And Bread