Tapeworm Shenanigans

We struggled with whether or not to do a post on the tapeworm that a guy is claiming he got by eating some bad salmon at Shaw’s Crab House. Normally we try to stay away from things that are gross, and tapeworms? Are gross. But they are also kind of interesting! Maria Callas had one! Allegedly!

We were discussing the matter with MP:SF editor Adam Martin, via IM, when he pointed out something very innnnnnnteresting. Twirl your mustaches folks, because we have THE CASE OF THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING TAPEWORM!

Or okay, really, we would just like to note that in the headline of this article, the malicious beast is a hideous “Nearly 10-Foot Tapeworm,” whereas just a few sentences in it suddenly shrinks to become a “nine-foot long tapeworm.”

Journalists exaggerate! Is nothing sacred! It’s also worth noting, before you shun seafood in fear of giant nine- (or possibly ten!) foot worms, that the dude in question ate “periodically” at Shaw’s between May and August of 2006. We advise you to continue your normal behavior.

It’s also also worth noting that the Tribune’s article found no reason to exaggerate in the headline. Like some news outlets we can think of. Ahem. NBC.

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Tapeworm Shenanigans