We’ve been remiss in our coverage of the newly-opening Sonic Drive-In, opening today in Aurora. This is in large part because we have been mad at the entire city of Aurora ever since we were 12 and went to see Wayne’s World 2 in the theater (it’s a long story), but it is in even larger part because (whispered confession, here) we have never been to Sonic.

We know, we know. We proclaim our love of Fatburger to the heavens and, given the opportunity, we would wax rhapsodic about Chik-fil-A (let it be known that if those crazy folks decide to open a branch in our town, this blog will go insane and will post nonstop about the event, and you will have to seek your Chicago restaurant information elsewhere). We can’t think of a good reason for our avoidance of Sonic coverage short of some deep-seated Freudian aversion to the notion of … drive-in service? Slushy crushed-ice drinks? Chili-cheese tater tots?

Anyway, we’re seeking therapy. You, meanwhile, should go check the place out.

Chicago area’s first Sonic Drive-In finally opens Tuesday [Tribune]

[Photo: Sonic’s chili-cheese tots, via Fast Food Critic’s Flickr]